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Training to increase the security of game accounts

πŸ“ The most complete and professional training course on game account security, especially account security Pubg Mobile and the security of Call Df Duty accounts

Something that we deal with almost every day, something that is important The most important part in every field and even in There is life (security) Security and peace cannot be compared with anything; This is what happens in all games! Always someone who knows the tricks of the game be ahead of others; Have you ever thought about why you don't know? In this training course, from zero to one hundred, Gmail security, Twitter security, Facebook security, and general security PUBG mobile game and some simple but effective tricks are working together!

πŸ“ Almost all online games support (Gmail, Twitter And Facebook) are used; So If you know how to increase the security of these three networks and its secret tricks, it's easy You can control all your games and even your friends!
Getting to know

Introduction and introduction to the security course


security course videos (currently 9 videos)


Security explanation and introduction

The first session

How to deliver and change Gmail

The first session

How to receive and change Gmail

The second session

Dos and don'ts of Gmail

The third session

Twitter delivery and changes

The first session

Delivery method and Facebook changes

The first session
Pubg links

Learning to link and get to know each other

The first session

Online training and dating

The first session
Last talk

Additional explanation of the videos

Last talk
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