• Pricing of PUBG Mobile and Call Of Duty Mobile accounts
    • Once you have submitted your pricing request, it will be reviewed by our pricing administrator and the answer will be displayed on this page
    • You can expect to receive a response to your pricing request within 24 hours (excluding holidays)
    • provide a complete and accurate and brief description of your account, including elite and maxed seasons, important clothing sets, important emotes, and the number of UC and State.
    • The prices of our accounts are subject to change and do not have a fixed rate. They depend on the season, holidays, and the number of buyers and players of that game.
    • To register a pricing request, you must log in to the user panel.
    • Due to the high volume of pricing requests we receive each day and to prevent spam pricing requests, a fee of $1 Euro will be charged.

  • Log in to the user panel to register (price)