• Part of sending account to Telegram
    • This allows you to easily transfer your account to the Telegram channel do
    • Any account that is registered on the website will be registered on the Telegram channel first, but this feature can after The passage of time or after many changes
    • This possibility and functionality is only available for account sellers who selling account on the website and can advertise with that code. Enter your account again in the Telegram channel of the website
    • Any time you make big changes in your account after registering the changes on the website from the account management panel became You can use this wonderful possibility to transfer to the channel
    • The amount of sending the account to the PUBG Mobile account Telegram is $1 Euro
    • You can use the user panel for each account for regular ads up to 1 time and for special ads up to 2 times. Bar Send to Telegram for free (our recommendation is this). that send to Telegram after the basic changes)

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    The amount payable:

    tether payeer