• Video recording section on the channel and website
    • This section gives you the ability to easily register your account video on the website
    • This option is designed to speed up and make it easier for sellers and avoid sending videos to the admin
    • The website is completely smart and will be registered on the website as soon as the video is registered
    • The maximum video upload is 50 MB, and more than this size will not be recorded
    • All video formats can be uploaded
    • After registering a new video, the previous or older video will be automatically removed from the website and the new video will be applied
    • To register the video in your account, you must fill in your contact number and account number in the form below so that it is clear that You are the account owner
    • Allowed formats for video upload:
    • mpg, mkv, avi, mpeg, mp4, mov, m4v, webm, wmv
    • Register account information
    • Payment of account amount
    • Photo registration and account activation
    • Video recording for more view and sale