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    buying and selling PUBG MOBILE accountbuying and selling PUBG MOBILE accountbuying and selling PUBG MOBILE account

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    account availableAvailable Pubg Mobile Accountaccount available
    Account ID: 53513
    Date of account: 2023-12-27 15:01:39
    Level: 67
    Name Pubg Mobile Account: YoutubTiplyBoy
    Account Rank: Ace
    UC Amount: 4
    Elite seasons: 17/18//M5/M13/M14/M21/M22/A1A2/A3/A4
    Max seasons: 17//M5/M13/M14/M21//A1A2/A3/A4
    Description of special skins: He receives 8 UCs every day for 120 days
    The first link: Google
    The second link: Facebook
    E-mail link: Not Synced
    Phone number link: Not Synced
    Region: Global
    It is an old account, started from season 12
    The account has 35 metrics, 6 of which are involuntary
    He has a pair of ultimate glasses
    It has a mechanical parachute when jumping from the plane
    It has 19 upgraded guns, 4 of which are as follows:
    M416 imperial. Lv.4
    MG3. Lv.4
    DP28 Lv.4
    Ump45. Lv.4
    M416. glacier. Lv.1
    Awm avenger. Lv.1
    Akm. Seven seas. Lv.1
    Scar_l. Lv.1 2 to Scarlet, 8 pipes
    Scarl. Lv.1
    M24 maestro. Lv.1
    Mk14. Lv.1
    Uzi. Lv.1
    Ump carnival. Lv.1
    Thompson. Lv.1
    Pp_19. Lv.1
    Machete. Lv.2
    Ump45. Lv.1
    Crossbow. Lv.1
    Dbs. Lv.1
    There are also necessary car skins and 4 of the gun slots are open
    Thank you so much for reading this far
    Price: Do you have a discount code? 684 EUR OFF: 6% + 20%
    507 EUR
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