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  • account availableAvailable Pubg Mobile Accountaccount available
    buying and selling PUBG MOBILE accountbuying and selling PUBG MOBILE accountbuying and selling PUBG MOBILE accountbuying and selling PUBG MOBILE account

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    account availableAvailable Pubg Mobile Accountaccount available
    Account ID: 53989
    Date of account: 2024-01-06 22:06:49
    Level: 82
    Name Pubg Mobile Account: O M E G A
    Account Rank: Ace
    UC Amount: 2
    Elite seasons: 11/12/13/16/17/18/19/M1M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8/M9/M10/M11/M12/M13/M14/M15/M16/M17/M18/M19/M20/M21/M22/A1A2/A3/A4
    Max seasons: 11/12/13/16/17/18/19/M1M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M8/M9/M10/M11/M12/M13/M14/M15/M16/M17/M18/M19/M20/M21/M22/A1A2/A3/A4
    Description of special skins: Dodge and Pagani and 17 upgraded cars and 3 x suites
    The first link: Google
    The second link: Google
    E-mail link: Not Synced
    Phone number link: Not Synced
    Region: Global
    Account code: #W19425
    ⚜ Price range: #30m
    Account level: 82
    🏆Contested season: None
    Elite Max seasons: s11/s12/s13/s16 until the last one
    It has all the Dodges, two of them are the middle ones
    17 upgraded guns, 12 of which are killed
    It has three x-suites
    Zulikha and Silvanus and Fiore
    17 tagan upgrade of which 12 tagan are messages
    #M416 imperial splendor kill massage
    #M762 star core kill massage
    #Awm flame wave kill massage
    #Scarl thorn of malice kill massage
    #M24 seven seas kill massage
    #Uzi ethereal emblem kill massage
    #Mk14 gilded galaxy kill massage
    #MG3 soaring dragon kill massage
    #Pan chicken hot kill massage
    #Ump marine evolution kill massage
    #DBS panthera prime kill massage
    #Crossbow circus of screams kill massage
    #Scorpion golden cipher lvl 3
    #Kar98 nebula hunter lvl2
    #Ace32 icicle spike lvl 1
    #SKS snowcapped mountain lvl 1
    #Machete drakonbane remnant lvl 1
    It has all the Dodges, the two middle ones, which are worth more, are in the video
    3 to X suite
    #X_suit fiore lvl3
    #X_suit iridescence lvl2
    #X_suit silvanus lvl 1
    Buggy level 2
    He has 4 pets, dog, cat, penguin and falcon
    It has all the characters except Andy and Lais
    I got 3 sets from Metic Forge
    Kelly is dancing in the video
    1/3 Gun material
    2 car material
    2 nails of Masij
    10 Hoverboards for jumping
    1000 X-Suite points that you can give and get, kill and message X-Suite
    You can get a gun upgrade with 4 matic forge stones
    6 x-suite materials
    Metic engine
    800 car points
    128 to Classic Crit
    4 parking spaces and 3 parking spaces
    There is also Prime Plus
    I made an immediate withdrawal, I need the money, the value of the account is 28 million
    Price: Do you have a discount code? 990 EUR OFF: 7% + 20%
    723 EUR
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